Mobile app

Rule the Democratic Axe using our unique smartphone voting system! Vote here and now - the decisions you make will become our official position and action roadmap!

The voting process is open and transparent. To avoid falsifications and to control the final counting, each vote is recorded in open database.

You may choose the main course of party activities, approve initiatives and programs, actions and counteractions, affect the composition of Democratic Axe membership, vote exclude someone from the party or to begin negotiations with other political powers, coordinate our reaction on important events, bills, initiatives and fails of state authorities, political parties and persons.

You can improve the weight of your voice and develop your status in our party internal system. The influence of your voice during votes is proportional to your contribution in development and work of Democratic Axe. Every participation in our actions, every donation adds to your Voice Weight. The Voice Weight is a numerical measurement of your contribution to Democratic Axe cause.

You can instantly improve your Voice Weight with donation or share it with other user of our application.