Alex Noinets

Political Council member

Zone of responsibility: tactical level



Zone of responsibility: tactical level

  • using political technologies to achieve party goals
  • tactical decisions in specific situations
  • electoral campaings management
  • creation of regional branches of the party
  • sacrasm and cynycizm management

Date of birth: 
July 17th of 1981

Oleksandr was born in Mykolaiv. He worked as a political technologist for 6 years. He created Peter and Mazeppa news site and was his editor-in-chief during 2014-2015. Before that he was a marketeer, and before that - social worker in charitable fund. All these positions gave him valuable insights about human nature.

During Russian-Ukrainian war he was an active volunteer and got a number of rewards, including:

  • Service Medal from 28 Separate Guard Mechanical Brigade of UAF
  • Medal for humanitarian assistance for Anti-Terrorist Operation
  • Charter of Special Operation Forces for the help in number of unofficial projects

Oleksandr was a head of office of BPP Solidarity party in Mykolaiv region.

He is married and raising a daughter. Also Noinets is a proud owner of Sealand baron title and a pair of motorcycles.

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