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Відчуй себе частиною змін

Щоб приєднатись до Сокири, вам необхідно зареєструватися, заповнивши форму.


What’s the “Democratic Axe”?

“Democratic Axe” (or D7, if you want to be short) is a political party. Not a political business project, not a social club, and not a union of a few rich people. This is a party and not a sad excuse for a political party which we are so accustomed to see in Ukrainian politics.


Our ideology is right liberal - or classical liberal, if you prefer this term. That means, minimum of economic restrictions, maximum of freedoms for citizens. Less of bureaucrats which pose to be a personification of Motherland, more rights for every one of us to become a part of a country itself.


We do not promise that once we take charge we will turn Ukraine into a superpower, will take money from the rich and give a little bit to everyone. Because this would be a lie, no politician would do this.


Instead we offer a simplified taxes, market-driven reforms in economic, more freedoms and rights to think for yourself who to be and how to look. Well, basically, everything that civilized countries already have, for quite a time. We want to build a strong state, which would direct financing into army and reforming of crucial sectors, and not into support of loss-making state enterprises and armies of ineffective bureaucrats. We don’t do populism, because there are plenty of those who do already. We do not try to invent the bicycle, but we want to follow the road Ukraine should follow for 28 years.


You can read our full program here.


What did we achieve over the time of party existence?


Our party celebrated 1 year only recently, and most of those 365 days we didn’t even had an official status of political party. But that doesn’t prevent us from working and doing what some other parties never did.


- We won elections to the Board of Civilian Control for National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, twice, and in a triumphant way. First three of our candidates occupied three first places on elections (by a number of votes) and entered the Board. They managed to disclose the gas scam of oligarch Dmytro Firtash for over 5 billion UAH, which led to a large-scale scandal. And through the court decision we accomplished a start of criminal investigation in this case.


- Second time, our win was even bigger, as this year we have 14 members of Board of Civilian Control, And currently they are working hard for those oligarch wouldn’t able to steal the money of Ukrainians.


- This year we took part in our first elections, which were quite unexpected for everyone but one Ukrainian party, and this party was not “Democratic Axe”. Still, we entered elections with 10 our best candidates in single-mandate districts. Sadly, none of them become a Member of Parliament. But we gained an enormous experience which we should be able to convert into a success on local elections.


- Together with Ukrainian users of social networks we triumphed over politicians which tried to push through a scandalous bill #6688, which aimed to introduce an Internet censorship and blocking of website, akin to Russian “Roskomnadzor”. After a few days of our activity, the initiators of the bill withdrew it.


- The lack of official status of the party did not prevent us from carry out our program. We took part in the large-scale campaigns for exit capitals tax — a reform which would provide Ukraine with 20 to 25 billion USD of investments in next years. We advocate for it before it was mainstream, yet today virtually every politician talk about exit capitals tax. We fought on the streets for legalization of medical cannabis, we protected the independency of “Naftogaz” from former prime minister Volodymyr Groysman, and we opposed National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities for its playing along with oligarch Firtash.


How are we financed?


We are financed by our supporters. And this is another reason why we are a true party, not a political business project which will soon fade. Oligarchs create political powers to protect their own businesses, and if something goes wrong, they just get rid of those parties. On contrary, we will only be washed away if more than 2000 of our supporters will lose their trust in us — 2000 of donors which invest 50, 100, 200 UAH every month into our party. And we are ready to answer for every single penny you donated, in a transparent and detailed way. Which is what we do in our monthly financial reports. As we understand that without the transparent financing we will never be able to gain your trust.


Are there any local branches of “Democratic Axe”?


Once we were not stopped neither by snow nor by rain nor by heat nor by Ukrainian bureaucracy in the process of registration of our party (which is a fascinating tale by itself), we started to found a local branches all over Ukraine. Our branches function in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Kramatorsk. That’s backer’s dozen for now, and more to follow soon.


We are a party  which dislikes serious faces and pathetic speeches. Instead, we value humor, trolling and art of provocation. That helps us to not spoil a character and attracts enough attention without spending on billboards. We are making a spectacle on the outside, not inside the party, as many others do. And this is but a part of our job. Performances are merely one of the methods to influence the political and economic situation in the country.


Our Instagram 

Our YouTube Channel (in Ukrainian)

Our Telegram Channel (in Ukrainian)




Стали на вістрі акцій проти реваншу

Ми стали на вістрі акцій проти реваншу – за звільнення українських моряків, проти поступок РФ, проти саботажу українського мовлення на окуповані території. Це – принципове для нас. Крим –український. Донбас – український. Будь-хто, хто починає грати в торги з окупантом – по-перше, ідіот, а по-друге, наш ворог.

Двічі виграли вибори до РГК НАБУ

Ми двічі тріумфально виграли вибори до Ради громадського контролю НАБУ: у 2018 році – три наших кандидати, їм вдалося викрити газову аферу на п‘ять мільярдів гривень, що викликало грандіозний скандал. Наразі ми через суд відкриваємо провадження у цій справі. 2019 року на виборах до громради НАБУ маємо уже 14 наших кандидатів з 15 можливих. Тож, боротьбу з корупцією продовжуємо.  

Домоглися відтермінування правок до газового Кодексу

Велика перемога – відтермінування вступу в дію правок до Кодексу газотранспортної галузі, який включав до себе максимальні преференції для компаній проросійського олігарха Дмитра Фірташа. Економічний ефект відтермінування правок – до двох мільярдів доларів. Зараз ми вибиваємо з Нацкомісії по регулюванню енергетики правки до кодексу, що роблять газову галузь більш прозорою та зменшують крадіжки газу.

Зробили нашу політичну повістку популярною

Ми зуміли зробити нашу політичну повістку популярною. Все більше громадян і політичних сил підтримують медичний канабіс, ринок землі, право на самооборону, податок на виведений капітал замість податку на прибуток. На жаль, не всі роблять це щиро (так, команда діючого президента відмовилася від ПнВК відразу по завершенню президентської кампанії) – але вже всі знають, що це не якісь там молодіжні забаганки, а частина українського політичного мейнстриму. Ми зламаємо хребет цьому верблюду.

Заблокували законопроект про інтернет-цензуру

Разом з іншими користувачами соцмереж ми одержали блискавичний тріумф над депутатами, які намагалися внести в зал ВР скандальний законопроект #6688, який мав на меті створення інтернет-цензури та досудове блокування сайтів за аналогією з «Роскомнадзором». Завдяки нашій кампанії законопроект було відізвано авторами буквально через декілька днів після внесення.

Не дали Кернесу розвернути історію

Після позову "Демократичної Сокири" Харківський адмінсуд скасував рішення міськради про перейменування проспекту Григоренка в проспект Жукова. Місцевим фанатам СРСР на чолі з мером стало сумно, зате декомунізацію було продовжено.


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